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Graham Horwood demonstrates and explains the Original Taoist Tai Chi Long Form in the Yang Family Style that was taught to him by his Taoist Tai Chi Teacher Chu King Hung who remains one of the world’s leading authorities on Yang Family Tai Chi Chuan.

This Video is appropriately priced with a total of 60 mins of expert instruction.

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Master Chu was the third adopted son of Yang Shou Cheung whose father was Yang Cheng Fu. The father of Yang Cheng Fu was Yang Chien Hou. The Yang family devised the most popular and most integral form of Tai Chi which originated in the Chen Village. Yang Cheng Fu put together a Tai Chi form at the turn of the century which is the form he passed down to his sons and is shown here by Graham Horwood. This is known as the Original Yang Style Family Form.

Yang Chien Hou 1839-1917 , Yang Cheng Fu 1883-1936 , Yang Shou Cheung 1909-1984


Master Chu King Hung , Master Hon Sing Wun, Graham Horwood

Tai Chi is a derivative of Taoism which developed from a nature cult in China as far back as 2000 BC – 2500 BC. Taoism derived from the philosophy of the I Ching of which you can see represented in the full Yin Yang symbol.

Ying Yang Symbol with Postures

Here you have Heaven, Sun, Water, Mountain, Earth, Thunder, Fire, and Lake which are explained in this video download.

This image shows Yin and Yang and the pre birth order of the trigrams. In Tai Chi each move and posture is related psychologically to the principle that relates to the trigram which it represents. This will in turn have a profound effect on the body as the principles of the I Ching are psychologically responsible for the wellbeing of the body and the mind. Therefore if the Tai Chi postures are correctly practiced the meridians and the Chinese electro magnetic force field map allows the chi to flow through the body. This Chi flow occurs every 24 hours whereby the chi will flow through the body meridians cleansing and nourishing blood looking after the organs of the body which each acupuncture line is responsibly for. If Tai Chi is performed correctly in accordance with the principles of the I Ching the energy of the body is thereby balanced. Illness occurs when the Chi of the body goes out of harmony.

The Yin Yang symbol shows the Yang Chi flowing through the body in a clockwise fashion. If the Yang dark side expands in the body it would be too Yin and can make the body dilated and  lethargic. Tai Chi takes the Chi of the body and returns it to balance. So if the Chi of the body is too Yin, Tai Chi will naturally balance it toward a more balanced yang state and vice versa. This is the intention behind each Tai Chi posture. When Chi is blocking in a meridian it can disturb an organ or a joint at a later date in the body.

So the Tai Chi Chuan Yang Style form which was developed by the Taoists over the centuries came to the Yang family in around the late 18th century, and that was taught to Graham Horwood, enables one to balance out and harmonise the energy of the body to increase the health potential and life expectancy for those who practise regularly.

Tai Chi helps enable the unconscious energies of the body turn conscious. The foundation of Tai Chi and key to a good posture is in feet and Graham Horwood also shows in this Tai Chi Long Form Yang Style DVD Video download how to position the feet correctly to balance out the rest of the body.
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