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Established 1976

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The Taoist Group – Est. 1976

The Taoist Tai Chi Group was established in 1976 by Graham Horwood to educate and promote the benefits of Taoism, Toaist Tai Chi Chuan and Complementary Health from the Far East to Western culture.

China is the longest continual civilisation in the world and they have been successfully practising natural methods of health with the I Ching,  Yin and Yang and Taoism at its heart.

Taosim is an ancient Chinese philosophy and belief system that is at the root of Chinese culture today and has been established for over 5,000 years.

Graham Horwood wrote and published several Books, wrote many Articles, and made numerous expert Toaist Tai Chi Instruction Videos.

Taoist Group Shaolin Temple

Tao means “path” or “way” in Chinese. The characters for the term depict the symbols for a head and for walking—signifying a conscious journey.

The original adherents of this philosophy were therefore known as the Tao Chia, “Followers of the Way.” For the most part they were shamans and hermits living in remote, mountainous areas in and around the central lands of ancient China, which was at this time an unstable alliance of separate states headed by individual rulers. Taoism evolved from a faction of these hermits known as the “Naturalists,” who perceived Nature as bound by laws of opposites. This view of the natural order led to the yin-yang theories and their offshoots, arising around 3000 bc. One of these offshoots of early Taoism was the system of trigrams at the heart of the I Ching, which was itself conceived by Fu Hsi a century later.

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Chan San Feng’s Cave – Wudang Mountain

Wudang Mountain - Chan San Feng’s Cave

Wudang Shan is a Taoist enclave situated in North West Hubei province, central China, rising to sixteen hundred metres, being famous as the spiritual home of the internal martial arts; Tai Chi Chuan, Hsing I and Pa Qua Chang. The adepts practiced, taught and studied, and still do, these disciplines as well as their source from the Book of Changes – The I Ching– also the works of Sun Tzu’s Art of War, Chang Tzu, Lao Tsu etc. Wudang Mountain has been a place of reverence for thousands of years with the more recent complex of temples and shrines being built and embellished in the Ming dynasty, c.1413- by Emperor Cheng Zi The work took three hundred thousand labourers ten years to complete. Wudang, with its seventy two silent and beautiful peaks extends for three hundred square kilometres from the Jingle Palace in Gujunzhou City to the Golden Hall at the top of Tianzhu Peak. There are a maze of mysterious locations to discover amongst the hundreds of palaces and over a thousand shrines and temples on breathtaking cliffs linked by thirty nine bridges across spectacular ravines all leading to secluded areas where an unknown number of hermits meditate and practice their Taoist disciplines. It is still a retreat for those interested in Taoist philosophy, science, medicine and meditation. Wudang Shan is a World Heritage Site as well as an inspiring haven to reflect and restore the mind, body and spirit.


The Yang Family

Yang Chien Hou

Tai Chi Chuan Tai Chi Master Yang Cheng Fu

Yang Cheng Fu

Tai Chi Chuan Tai Chi Master Yang Chien Hou

Yang Shou Cheung

The third adopted son of Yang Shou Cheung

Master Chu King Hung

Master Chu King Hung is considered by many to be the world’s leading authority on Family Yang Style Tai Chi.

Tai Chi Chuan Master Chu King Hung , Master Hon Sing Wun, Graham Horwood

Graham Horwood, first started martial arts with Judo, then Wado Ryu Karate, under the auspices of Tatsui Suzuki.

In 1969 Graham studied Aikido and Tai Chi Chuan, then Hung Gar, with teacher and black belt grades (UK Martial Arts Commission registered by the Ministry of Sport).

Then in 1977 Graham began his relationship with Master Chu King Hung, third adopted son of Yang Shou Cheung. Yang Shou Cheung was the eldest son of Yang Cheng Fu. He spent 10 years practicing and teaching with Master Chu, who informed Graham that he was the first of his students to understand the internal principles of Tai Chi.

He also learnt Hsing I and Pa Qua with Master Chu and his teacher, Master Hon Sing Wun. He has studied and practiced herbal, complementary and Traditional Chinese Medicine since 1969.

Graham also has attended workshops in China with Grand Master Yang Zhengdo in Beijing as well as with Wang Li Shen being a Taoist Monk and Martial Arts Grand Master at Wudang Shan where the many teachings of Tai Chi Chuan, Pa Qua Chang and Hsing I including Chi Kung methods were confirmed to Graham Horwood.

Graham also taught Tai Chi Chuan in London and the Home Counties for a variety of groups for over 20 years. He was also a Jungian analyst (London & Zurich) focusing on health, the individuation process and dream analysis.
Graham held regular seminars and workshops at The Place in London.

He was also a writer and journalist with many articles and several books published.

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Watch a preview of the Taoist Tai Chi Short Form instruction video and Master Yang Zhengdo below.

Tai Chi Chuan Demonstration Video Downloads available with secure PayPal payment: 

Taoist Tai Chi Qigong Short Form DVD Video Download Cover2

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Tai Chi Short Form – Video Download (35 mins)

This Taoist Tai Chi Video Download of the Yang Style Short Form is based on the Yang Family Tai Chi Chuan but is only 24 moves and only takes 5 minutes to perform.

The video includes Taoist The Tai Chi Chuan Yang Style Short Form which is based move for move on the traditional Tai Chi Chuan Yang style Long Form.

This demonstration video totals 35 minutes of expert and clear to follow instruction that also includes breathing techniques along with Chi Kung, Yin Yang Breathing Form, Chi Form, The Open and Close Form and Bonus footage of The Individual 24 postures masterfully demonstrated and easy to follow.

Perfect Taoist Tai Chi Yang Style for Beginners and also ideal for Experts looking to master their form.

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Original Yang Form VIDEO Poster white top png

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Tai Chi Long Form – Video Download (60 mins)

Graham Horwood demonstrates and explains the Original Taoist Tai Chi Chuan Yang Style Family form that was taught to him by his Tai Chi Teacher Chu King Hung who remains one of the world’s leading authorities on Yang Family Tai Chi Chuan.

This Original Video from Graham Horwood is appropriately priced with a total of 60 mins of expert instruction.

Taoist Tai Chi helps enable the unconscious energies of the body turn conscious. The foundation of Taoist Tai Chi and key to a good posture is in feet and Graham Horwood also shows in this Tai Chi Chuan Original Yang Style video download how to position the feet correctly to balance out the rest of the body.

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Chan Shu Jian Silk reeling Form Video Cover PNG

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Tai Chi Silk Reeling Method Chan Shu Jian – Video Download (65 mins)

Graham Horwood demonstrates the Original Yang Style Taoist Tai Chi Chan Shu Jian or Silk Reeling form as laid out by Yang Cheng Fu.

The Chan Shu Jian ‘Silk Weaving Form’ refers to the spiralling inner or chi breathing techniques perfected by the Yang family over the centuries.

Chi in its usual course flows in lines along the meridians near blood vessels, daily nourishing the muscles, tendons & body tissue. Whereas Chan Shu Jian encourages the chi to spiral into the bone as well, harmonising & storing chi in the marrow for healing or martial purposes, creating a ‘chi battery’. Hence the Tai Chi maxim that a Master has bones as hard as steel yet as if wrapped in cotton wool.

In this Original Yang Style Tai Chi Video download Graham firstly shows the general posture for Tai Chi Beginners to this method of the Yang Style.

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Tai Chi Chuan Double Edge Sword Form GIM

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Tai Chi Chuan Double Edge Sword Form – GIM – Video Download (35 mins)

The Original Tai Chi Form is known as the Hand Form or the Earth Form which gives rise to the second classical Yang Family form demonstrated in this video called the Tai Chi Chuan Double Edge Sword Form or GIM (Double Edge Sword). The Double Edge Sword or GIM represents the Chinese element of water. This is because the Chinese Water element is tied to the kidney energy where the internal energy or chi of the body is housed.

By allowing the energy to flow down the sword is a form of telekinesis. By Following this Tai Chi Sword Form correctly you will be able to feel the energy or the Chi flowing down the sword for additional effect. To enhance this effect while doing the Tai Chi Sword Form you must focus the eyes where possible on the tip of the sword.

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Tai Chi Chuan Sabre Broad Sword Dao Form Video Cover

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Tai Chi Sabre Broad Sword Dao Form – Video Download (20 mins

Graham Horwood expertly demonstrates the second Weapon Form in the style of the Yang family which is the Tai Chi Sabre Form or Dao Form. The tai Chi Chuan Sabre or Dao means to cut or chop. The sword is a long broad sword and the movements for the Dao is known as the Metal Form.

This Tai Chi Sabre form is for stimulating the energy of the lung and the large intestine. In Chinese medicine the lung opens and closes as does the bowel movement open and close. The metal actually stimulates the Lung energy.

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Tai Chi Chuan Staff and Spear Form Video Cover

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Tai Chi Staff and Spear Form Mu and Mao – Video Download (20 mins)

Graham Horwood expertly demonstrates the Staff and Spear Form in the style of the Yang family.

The Tai Chi Staff is a the longest weapon in Tai Chi being around 8 foot long. The Staff Form enhances liver ‘chi’ therefore strengthening the muscles, tendons as well as sharpening vision. The Spear Form (developed by the founder of Yang style, Master Yang Lu Chan) incorporates the Pa Qua – 8 Trigram method being an all for one and one for all set of techniques. Besides increasing chi potential it strengthens the heart, circulation, vision and the ‘spirit’. Indeed Yang Cheng Fu stated the greater the weapon, the greater the chi.

Easy to follow video download clearly showing how to link the chi through the arms, legs and body turns with internal energy into staff and spear. Naturally strengthening & balancing health, the internal organs, bone structure, immune system & aerobic function.

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Tai Chi Chuan and the Code of Life Book

Tai Chi Chuan & The Code of Life for Both East & West details how to build chi, circulate and store it. In order to understand the energetic method of Tai Chi & Chi Kung, Graham Horwood has highlighted parallels from its source, The I Ching and the archetypal principles from both Eastern & Western philosophy and medicine. The text and diagrams show the synergy between the different cultures, yet show how they are all linked. This enables the beginner or the experienced Tai Chi practitioner to improve their understanding of Tai Chi. This will strengthen both the mind and body opening the gateway to the inner person.

Plus an exclusive set of Chi Kung Exercises which will augment the building, circulation and storage of chi for the healer and martial practitioner. These are accompanied by an explanation of where chi comes from and the its application for the mind and body as well as the flow in the meridians.

Key to Health is a  comprehensive guide on maintaining good health and curing disease by incorporating the ancient Chinese wisdom of the Yin and Yang Principles into a modern western diet. In this book the author explains how to adopt this Yin Yang theme for everyday use, with everyday foods. The author has been teaching, healing and practicing these methods successfully, since 1968.

Everything is beholden to the universal law of opposites as the world is made up of ordered opposite tendencies such as hot-cold, push-pull, young-old, tall-short, rich-poor neutron-electron, inner-outer. These opposites happen at every level from the formation of a galaxy right down to the atom. A group of sages in ancient China, called Taoists, adopted this law of opposites into their philosophy, science and medicine. They discovered that their Universe was made of a life force which in its expanding phase was called ‘Yang’ and when it reached its limit it changed into a contracting force, entitled  ‘Yin’.

Chinese doctors have been applying the Yin Yang methodology in remedies and curing disease, successfully for 5,000 years.

The author with show you clearly how to harmonise the internal energy of the body with diet, herbs and exercise. This book is the original subject matter resource to learn extensively how to incorporate these Yin Yang methods into your Western life and diet.

The book also lays out an easy to follow reference guide on how to use these Yin Yang methods to help cure the following:

Anaemia, Allergies (Asthma & Hay Fever),  Athlete’s Foot, Aches & Pains, Back & Neck Pain, High Blood Pressure, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, High Cholesterol, Circulation Problems, Cellulite, Colds, Flu, Bronchitis, Cold Sores, Cystitis, Diabetes, Mellitus/Insipidus, Detoxing Naturally, Digestive Complaints (Ulcers etc.), Heart Trouble, Hormone Imbalance, Insomnia, Depression, Immune Function Deficiencies, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Menstrual Complaints, Menopause, Migraines & Headaches, Pulled Muscles & Tendon Damage, Rheumatism & Arthritis, SkinTrouble, Acne, Eczema, Stress, Syncope, Dizziness, Sterility, Infertility, Weight Control.

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